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ROK 2013

Growing quotations on the market of mobile games

FUTURIS S.A. and RUNICOM S.A. have shares of Tequila Mobile S.A. – a participant of the rapidly growing market of mobile games in their portfolio. According to the Saturday article by Puls Biznesu Supercell, a Finnish start-up developing mobile games, sold 51% of the block of shares to the Japanese SoftBank. The company has two

A successful year of a portfolio company of RUNICOM S.A. and FUTURIS S.A.

eo NETWORKS S.A., a portfolio company of FUTURIS S.A., has published very good results for 2012. In 2012 unit sales revenues of eo Networks S.A. increased to PLN 37.5 million and the net profit totalled over PLN 2.7 million, whereas in consolidated terms the revenues exceeded PLN 38 million and the net profit totalled nearly

RUNICOM S.A. and FUTURIS S.A. have published interim reports for the first quarter of 2013.

The RUNICOM S.A. Group entities have published results for the first quarter of the current year. In the first quarter the Management Board of RUNICOM S.A. was involved in supervision of portfolio companies, support for investment project processes and winning new investments and sources of their financing. In addition, the Company generated revenues of over

A portfolio company of RUNICOM S.A. and FUTURIS S.A. performs other big orders.

B3System S.A. has performed the second stage of agreements with PKO BP S.A., and the value of the agreements from the beginning of the current year to 7 February totalled over PLN 2 million. The orders are performed under the Agreement on cooperation of 23 February 2012 on sale, supply, installation and configuration of printing