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ROK 2014

The on-line currency exchange office AFORTI EXCHANGE, owned by AFORTI HOLDING S.A. [joint stock company] (company in the FUTURIS S.A. portfolio), has been opened.

Yesterday AFORTI EXCHANGE launched an internet currency exchange platform. AFORTI EXCHANGE offers its services mainly to small and medium enterprises. In addition to the platform, the company provides its clients with advisory services. In order to confirm its credibility, the company intends to apply to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for the status of a

FUTURIS S.A. realises gain on investments in NETWISE S.A.

Profit from investments in the shares of NETWISE S.A. amounted to approximately 4,300.00%. On 16 April 2014, FUTURIS CAPITAL (CYPRUS) LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of FUTURIS S.A., sold 98,500 ordinary bearer shares of NETWISE S.A., with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 per share. The aforementioned shares represent 9.67% of the share capital and