We are investing in people,

who are enterprisingly fascinated by

technology, new media,

Internet and telecommunications.

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About the company

We are a private equity fund focused on investments in new media, technologies, Internet and telecommunications.

Our leading shareholder is PCH CAPITAL S.A., a consulting and investment group, whose originator, founder and the only shareholder is Mr. Piotr Marek Chmielewski.

Our shares are traded in an alternative trading system on the NewConnect market run by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie S.A.).


Strategia rozwoju

We are a private
equity fund.

We invest in enthusiasts
of innovation and technologies.

We support ideas and enthusiasm of young 
entrepreneurs with our experience and capital.

We focus on projects in new
technologies, Internet, media and telecommunications

We are an active financial investor.
We share our knowledge and experience in creating and developing business. 
We provide support in planning
and management.
We win trade and financial partners.

We achieve a market and financial success together with originators of the project.

Struktura akcjonariatu

According to the notices obtained by FUTURIS S.A. on the basis of article 69 of the act of 29 July 2005 on public offering and the conditions for introducing financial instruments to the organized trading system, and on public companies (Journal of Laws 2005 No. 184 item 1539, as amended) the shareholding structure is as follows:

Akcjonariat Liczba akcji Udział w kapitale zakładowym Udział głosów Udział w ogólnej licznie głosów
Entities controlled by Mr. Piotr Chmielewski, including:
PCH CAPITAL S.A. 48 666 2,66% 97 332 5,17%
P.C.H. CAPITAL (CYPRUS) LTD 775 594 42,33% 775 594 41,24%
TOTAL entities controlled by Mr. Piotr Chmielewski: 824 260 44,99% 872 926 46,41%
WILLAMETTE ENTERPRISES LIMITED 112 322 6,13% 112 322 5,97%
OTHER 895 632 48,88% 895 632 47,62%
RAZEM cały akcjonariat 1 832 214 100% 1 880 880 100%

Władze spółki

Andrzej Woźniakowski


He was the founder and later the President of the Management Board of Computer Service Support, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the largest company in Poland providing services of computer equipment maintenance and also one of the largest Polish IT companies. In 2007 he contributed to a merger of CSS S.A. with COMP S.A. and became a Vice-president in the merged organisation, who was responsible for sale, business process management and development of the company. As a founder of several companies, in a straight majority in IT business, he has a long-standing experience and an excellent knowledge of the IT market. He uses his experience in IT business and private equity funds for performing managerial and supervisory functions in several companies, including public ones: Betacom S.A., Netwise S.A., eo Networks S.A. and Tequila Mobile S.A.

Rada Nadzorcza 

Dariusz Graff


He is a manager operating for many years in the financial and business consulting market. He worked in consulting and media companies. In the recent years he worked for the stock Capital Group Internet Group as a development director. He was also a managing director of Ad Net S.A. Presently he is the President of the Management Board of companies from the Capital Group PCH CAPITAL S.A.