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BETACOM S.A. [joint stock company] – a portfolio company of FUTURIS S.A. – announces higher dividend payouts compared to last year.

In the financial year of 2013/2014, BETACOM S.A. increased its sales by 38% and its net profit by 40%.

BETACOM S.A., in the financial year ended on 31 March 2014, generated much better financial results than in the previous year. The company recorded PLN 107,920,000 of revenue from sales – 38% more than last year. The net profit increased by 40.25% and reached PLN 2,390,000.

Last year’s business operations of the company were evaluated as positive by the Management Board of BETACOM S.A. It is noticeable that the net result of the company was the highest since 2005. The Management Board announced that, as in the two previous years, it will share its profits with the shareholders. The dividend from the net result achieved in the financial year of 2012/2013 was PLN 1,210,000, i.e. PLN 0.6 per share. Last year the dividend was divided into PLN 0.7 per share (a total of PLN 1,410,000).

BETACOM S.A. is an entity specialising in design, advisory services and implementation of innovative IT solutions. It operates in key industries, such as the financial or telecommunications sectors. The services provided by the company include integration of computer systems and comprehensive IT service. Moreover, the company renders services in the scope of Business Intelligence and training software development. The company’s shares are listed on the regulated market of Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A.