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The on-line currency exchange office AFORTI EXCHANGE, owned by AFORTI HOLDING S.A. [joint stock company] (company in the FUTURIS S.A. portfolio), has been opened.

Yesterday AFORTI EXCHANGE launched an internet currency exchange platform.

AFORTI EXCHANGE offers its services mainly to small and medium enterprises. In addition to the platform, the company provides its clients with advisory services. In order to confirm its credibility, the company intends to apply to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for the status of a Domestic Payment Institution.

FUTURIS S.A., along with its subsidiary FUTURIS CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd., holds 1,760,000 of new issue shares of AFORTI HOLDING S.A., which constitute 22.56% of the share capital and of the total number of votes.

AFORTI HOLDING S.A. is a fast growing financial group listed on NewConnect. It sets new trends of comprehensive customer service  in the scope of finances of individuals and enterprises. It provides its services based on highly qualified management staff and the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. AFORTI HOLDING capital group comprises: AFORTI FINANCE S.A., AFORTI WEALTH Sp. z o. o. [limited liability company], AFORTI EXCHANGE Sp. z o. o. AFORTI Ac Sp. z o. o., INVISTA DOM MAKLERSKI S.A. and Dragon Partners Sp. z o. o.